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John Cena is Upset with People, Here’s What actually happens!

john cena elimination Chamber
Written by Hasnain Pasha

Sasha Banks Is Ready For Asuka Now Stephanie McMahon opened Raw saying that tonight is all about the winner of the women’s Royal Rumble match Asuka but that’s probably only because Ronda Rousey was busy.

Stephanie then announced yet another WWE milestone: the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match for Alexa Bliss’ title at next month’s pay-per-view.

john cena elimination Chamber

Continuing her badass Bosses from the night before, Sasha Banks then challenged Asuka for a match later tonight.

Braun beat Kane The rest of Raw was neatly built around matches that actually meant something – the winners qualifying for the men’s Elimination Chamber.

The first was Braun Strowman vs Kane in a Last Man Standing match – where Kane didn’t just get a jobber entrance, he also did a jobber loss.

In the latest episode of Will It Flip with Braun Strowman, The Monster Among Men brilliantly tipped not just the announcers desk, but the entire announcer’s platform onto Kane.

The coachman had only just adjusted his seat to the right height. This created a wonderfully chaotic backdrop to the show, with the announcers having to haphazardly relocate to a new ringside table, leaving the wreckage of the platform by the ramp.

Kurt Angle got into a shouting match with Braun backstage, which Braun quite easily won.

Elias beat Woken, Matt Hardy, I couldn’t really get into the Elias vs Matt Hardy qualifier, because I was too worried WWE were going to continue the Hardy vs Bray Wyatt feud.

Elias beat Hardy in the distraction, and then Bray and Woken Matt laughed at each other again.

The Miz beat Roman Reigns Speaking of repetition, we then got a Roman Reigns vs Miz rematch for the Intercontinental Title!

The two put on yet another really good match, with several great near falls. The dastardly Miztourage cost Roman the win in the end, though. This was better than any non-Rumble bout the previous night.

The Revival beat Rhyno & Heath Slater The Revival beat Rhyno and Heath Slater in a short match, and then cut a solid in-ring promo, trashing the Philadelphia crowd for chanting ECW.

Dudley Boyz Announced For Hall Of Fame 2018 Then The Dudley Boyz were then announced as the next inductees into this year’s Hall of Fa-Dammit, The Revival is getting nostalgia squashed again.

WrestleMania Is 69 Days Away!

Asuka beat Sasha Banks Although I never bought into Banks winning, her and Asuka had the match of the night – which, after a slow start, considerably picked up when Sasha tried to headbutt the center of the earth.

But, just like Coachman said: “High risk, high reward.”GREAT CALL, COACHMAN- While not quite the “instant classic”

Michael Cole kept orgasming over, this was possibly Asuka’s best main roster match so far, and Sasha’s single Sinead O’Connor tears on losing was a great character moment.

The Bar beat Titus Worldwide In a rare case of wins and losses meaning something, Titus Worldwide’s back-to-back wins over The Bar in recent weeks earned them a title shot at the new tag champions.

They lost here, though, where Seth Rollins didn’t have any interaction with either Sheamus or Cesaro.
Run me the numbers, Dana! Which is the first time that’s happened on Raw for 32 years? Ronda Rousey Video Package In lieu of Ronda Rousey actually appearing on Raw, we got a video package recapping her debut the previous night, letting us all relive that time she awkwardly pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

I actually hope that’s her finisher. Knock her opponents out with a theatrical finger. Which is something you should never ask for at drama school?

John Cena beat Finn Balor In the night’s Elimination Chamber qualifying the main event, John Cena took on an over Finn Balor with serious momentum, his Club faction in tow and the Rumble’s Ironman performance from the previous night.

As soon as Elias won earlier in the night, I figured Cena would be winning here to continue their feud, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. And the match was a bizarre encounter, with Cena genuinely seeming rattled by the Philadelphia the crowd – something he apparently admitted to in his dark segment promo after Raw went off the air.

It’d be ok if his distraction played into him losing, but it didn’t – telling us that even a half-focused Cena can still beat Balor.  So that was this week’s Raw in about four minutes.

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