WWE Fastlane Live Streaming 2018

ROMAN REIGNS VS JOHN CENA WWE Fastlane Live Streaming 2018 Matches & Results

fastlane 2018 streaming and matches
Written by Hasnain Pasha

ROMAN REIGNS VS JOHN CENA WWE Fastlane Live Streaming Matches

Two of the most renowned wrestlers were all warmed up for a fierce game at the WWE Fastlane live streaming 2018.  The stars of our generation; John Cena and Roman Reigns.

wwe fastlane live streming john cena roman reigns

On one hand, we had,  Leati Joseph Anoa’i, or if you say by the ring name Roman Reigns; the member of the Anoint family which is a prominent Samoan-American wrestling ancestry. Roman Reigns is the most famous for his appearance in ‘WWE Raw’ or ‘Monday Night Raw’. He was named first-team All-ACC in his final year at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he played football long before he begins his wrestling career. In 2010, Reigns signed WWE and started his career as a professional wrestler and became a part of their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).
On the other hand, we had John Cena, the professional wrestler and at the same time a rapper, actor and a reality television show host. John Cena is loved by many and he was titled by the industry commentator Jim Ross as the “the most polarizing professional wrestler ever”. All of his wrestling career John Cena won 25 championships and he started his career in professional wrestling with Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) in 1999. Later that year, he won the UPW Heavyweight Championship.

As the No Mercy wrestling begins, we see John Cena coming out to mixed reactions, some hooting while some dissing him. Cena observes the numerous reactions from the crowd and there hits the music and comes Roman Reigns. Suddenly both the paragon ready to win the battle.

The crowd howled as all the eyes were set on Cena and Roman Reigns like it has been forever because they always end up putting on a memorable performance which makes the crowd turn into lunatics.

For a competition, this waited with so much curiosity and energy it did not do the justice for all the wait. There stand two top stars of our generation, battling each other and still it lacked intensity. At times it seemed like a play or a dramatization, almost like a theatre.

Cena was left confounded when Reigns was kicked out of two Attitude Adjustments. For a while Cena was stunned but after getting over his shock, as soon as Cena tried to attack, Reigns punched Cena that knocked him down to his feet.

fastlane 2018 streaming and matches

Throughout the match, Cena struggles to win the battle and fight back Reigns, but Reigns beat him down repeatedly and the match came to an end by Reigns Superman punch that follows right up with a spear for the pin, which resulted into Cena losing the game and meeting the Waterloo.

While Reigns sits after the victory and his music plays, Cena is still at his back, accepting the defeat.

The out-turn of the match was Reigns predominating Cena. With Cena losing the match and Reigns being the winner it makes it pretty evident that he is the new grandee and the lion for the audience which was visible by the crowd cheering up for him unlike the cold reception for him

The question now remains, does this put Cena’s charm on the steak?

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